Volvo P 1800 E

Volvo P 1800 E
Marginal Column

Due to its attractive styling, the Volvo P 1800 E received an enthusiastic response by the public when it was presented in 1961. The P 1800 ES station wagon is also well loved which, because of the copious windows, has earned the moniker "Snow White's coffin". The coupé shown here is equipped with the B20 engine and comes standard with the Bosch D-Jetronic, the first electronic fuel injection system by Bosch. The car was licensed to a film company and then sold in 1972 to a woman who used it until the year 2000. It then passed into the hands of a car enthusiast and, since 2007, has been in the possession of Bosch Classic. In 2008, the car was restored to its original condition down to the last detail.


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