Idle actuator, F 026 T03 060

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  • Product information

    Product information

    If the motor runs on idle speed the idle actuator tries to smooth the idle. Located near the throttle-valve the idle actuator is able to provide additional air around the closed throttle valve.

    The control unit checks several sensors to get the actual idle speed. To provide a smooth idle speed the additional air is metered.

    Customer benefit

    • stable idle
    • reliable start with cold engine
  • Part numbers

    Bosch part numbers

    Bosch part number Replacement number
    0 280 140 545 F 026 T03 060

    External numbers

    Vehicle make External number Bosch part number
    MAN 51 13109 0051 F 026 T03 060
    Porsche 928 606 161 01 F 026 T03 060
    Rolls-Royce UE 71604 F 026 T03 060

    Vehicle usage

    The vehicle usage lists can be found in the tab "Downloads".

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