Direct current generator, F 026 T02 100

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  • Product information

    Product information

    The generator or alternator is responsible for supplying the different consumers of electricity in the vehicle, as well as for safely charging the battery. Vehicles are operated at various speeds, and the voltage and current (and hence the output) are also dependent on the speed. The voltage and current therefore need to be adapted by means of a voltage regulator to keep the generator and electrical consumers from being damaged.

    The newly designed generator is a direct current generator, however its performance was significantly enhanced. It is able to produce more than twice the output of the original generator. The housing looks like the original.

    Customer benefits

    • higher power output
    • original technology
  • Part numbers

    Bosch part numbers

    Bosch part number
    Bosch type designation
    Replacement number
    0 101 352 008 F 026 T02 100 ¹ ²
    LJ/GJJ 150/12/1600 R 4 F 026 T02 100 ¹ ²
      ¹ while stock lasts
    ² with regulator F 026 T02 207

    External numbers

    Vehicle make External number Bosch part number
    Mercedes-Benz 000 154 75 01 F 026 T02 100 ¹ ²
    Mercedes-Benz 000 154 75 01 26 F 026 T02 100 ¹ ²
        ¹ while stock lasts
    ² with regulator F 026 T02 207

    Vehicle usage

    The vehicle usage lists can be found in the tab "Downloads"

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