Speed relay, F 026 T00 002

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  • Product information

    Product information

    The speed relay checks the accelator pedal position and the engine speed. The relay is called into action once the driver lifts his foot from the pedal as the engine is in overrun.

    If the engine speed is over 1.500 rpm in overrun the relay cuts of the fuel injection. One the engine speed falls below 1.300 rpm the fuel injection will start up again to prevent the engine from stalling.

    Customer benefits

    • less fuel consumption
  • Part numbers

    Bosch part numbers

    Bosch part number Replacement number
    0 333 400 001 F 026 T00 002
    0 336 611 001 F 026 T00 002

    External numbers

    Vehicle make External number Bosch part number
    Porsche 901 615 111 00 F 026 T00 002

    Vehicle usage

    The vehicle usage lists can be found in the tab "downloads"

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